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Why Opt for Frontier Communications?

Top Quality TV + Blazing Fast Internet + Reliable Digital Phone

Frontier Communications Tv

Watch TV the Way You Like

Choose Frontier TV service for your home and get access to entertainment-rich lineups, which include your top favorites from ABC to YES Network. In addition to local broadcasting, you can enjoy watching digital channels + stream live shows in stunning HD quality. Make your weekends come alive with quality entertainment courtesy of FiOS TV. And if you happen to live in areas where the smart fiber optic technology cannot reach, Frontier offers you DISH TV plans as potential alternatives to FiOS at super-low prices. You can now make your boring commute more than a tad interesting with Frontier FiOS TV app or the DISH Anywhere app. Frontier also provides a multi-room DVR setup to you, in case you want to record your missed shows and play the content seamlessly across your devices. So, get Frontier TV for your home and watch TV the way you want to.

Frontier Communications Internet

Get a Fast and Secure Network

Frontier Communications connects your home through lightning-fast network delivered over state-of-the-art fiber optic technology, ensuring unbelievable speeds that will fulfil your everyday needs and more. Depending on your usage and speed requirements, you can choose any deal you like from among the well-tiered Frontier high-speed internet plans and get access to max wired speeds (ranging from 6 Mbps to a whopping 1000 Mbps), advanced network security and generous streaming bandwidth. Simply opt for Frontier Internet and feel free to download your favourite music, stream the latest movies in HD, shop your heart out online and even play games with your friends across the globe in a matter of seconds - and all that without having to worry about overage fees!

Frontier Communications Phone

Chat Non-Stop Nationwide

Frontier enables you to talk as much as you want and for as long as you want with your family and friends across localized or nationwide vicinities; while you can avail super-convenient international voice plans to stay in touch with loved ones abroad. Say goodbye to spotty cell reception, unclear audio quality and those pesky per-minute charges once and for all. Carry out crystal-clear communication even during a blackout, and expect a faster emergency response due to the landline’s geo-locative ease. Get additional features, like call blocking and call forwarding, which are the staple of every modern household, and without which no digital calling experience is ever complete! In a word, rely on Frontier Home Phone plans to keep you connected 24/7 with grandma and others who actually love to hear your voice.

Top Frontier Bundles

Simply Broadband Core + Voice Unlimited

Internet & Phone Double Play Reliable & Affordable

$ 37 .99/mo

As fast as 6 Mbps

  • Ultimate nationwide and local calling
  • Voicemail, call waiting and other amazing features
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Broadband Ultrav+ Voice Unlimited + DISH America’s Top 120+

Triple Play Offer You Cannot Refuse!

$ 107 .99/mo
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FiOS 50/50 + Digital Voice + FiOS TV Prime

Triple Play with Fiber-Fast Efficiency

$ 94 .99/mo

As fast as 50 Mbps

  • 230+ channels
  • Unlimited nationwide and local calling
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Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your billing PIN number by registering for an online account at frontier.com, registering on MyFrontier app and verifying the account details with Frontier’s customer service.

You can get all your queries sorted out or resolve whichever issue you're facing by contacting Frontier's ever-ready tech support customer service, which is surely available 24/7.

Frontier has purchased Verizon's first-class fiber-optic system, and offers it primarily in Florida, Fort Wayne, Southern California, Connecticut and Washington etc. Customers who are presently using Verizon's services in these areas can continue to do so under Frontier's banner.

Yes, you can get a Naked DSL line to your home in case you wish to avail the broadband service by Frontier without home phone service included.

Frontier offers a digital television service that can surely be tuned on computers, PCs or laptops easily.

Check plan availability in your area.