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Satellite® Network TV Bundles


$59.99/mofor 24 months with 2-yr. agmt.

Top TV plans (Cable or Satellite) all in one place!

$ 19 .00/mo

30+ HD Channels

  • Everyday favorites
  • 30+ Channels
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$ 49 .99/mo
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$ 69 .99/mo

175+ channels

  • Free HD Channels
  • HBO® and SHOWTIME® included
  • Thousands of movies and shows on demand
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$ 49 .98/mo
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$ 34 .99/mo

30+ HD Channels

  • Basic channels covered.
  • HD picture quality
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$ 79 .99/mo

240+ channels

  • Additional sports networks
  • Premium entertainment channels
  • A&E, Sundance, NBA TV
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Shop the best TV providers in your area

TV Direct Cable makes it easy for you to find and compare the best available TV providers in your area. We’ve compiled availability, pricing, TV package options and more from leading providers across the United States. We were hoping you could find the best provider for your needs. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest TV providers, the best TV packages or just wondering who’s the best TV provider in your area, give us a call today.

Get the Channels You Desire

All your favorites

from movies, news, sports and more. ICUS connects you with local TV service providers to supply you with the channels you want at a price which is in your budget.

Are You Moving?

We all have favorite shows never miss a minute. Let us help by setting up service at your new place before you even move. Alternatively, right in your area find a great deal on a TV service provider.

Are You Happy with your existing provider?

That is Wonderful! Upgrade today for the best providers of service available or find out how much a bundle could save you.

* Depending on service availability where you live

TV – Your Gateway to Entertainment!

Catch your favorite TV shows, movies, music, news and all the sports action you could ever need with TV Direct Cable. This astounding TV Service includes more than 170 Family TV (including Local Plus TV) channels, 20,000+ On-Demand titles, and the facility to watch all your favorite shows on the go.

Enhance your TV experience with TV Direct Cable in order to enjoy some of the best features in the digital line, from TV recording to TV on app. With its luxurious digital channel line-up, TV Direct Cable gives its customers a sense of exclusivity to make them feel special.

TV Offers That Meet Your Family’s Needs

TV is a versatile service that meets all your entertainment needs. Whether you’re a movie buff, sports enthusiast, or just want to binge-watch the latest shows, you’ll find the perfect service with TV Direct Cable. Check channel line-ups and pricing information, and take advantage of our promotional offers with TV services. A new dimension of entertainment awaits you!

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